Got BottleMate?

BottleMate is the coolest bottle opener you will ever see.

One quick push and the bottle top is gone.

It's fun and unique and makes a great Christmas gift. Your friends will love it.

Get the party started with BottleMate!

To ensure your order is delivered in time for Christmas, please place your order before midnight on Sunday 21st of December. All orders will be posted via express post on Monday morning.

1 BottleMate Bottle Opener

1 BottleMate Opener

Only $11.95

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3 BottleMate Bottle Openers

3 BottleMate Openers

Only $29.95 - Save $5

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5 BottleMate Bottle Openers

5 BottleMate Openers

Only $44.95 - Save $14

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10 BottleMate Bottle Openers

10 BottleMate Openers

Only $84.95 - Save $34

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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Your Logo from $4.99 per unit

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Probably the Best Bottle Opener in the World!

BottleMate opens all types of crown and screw bottle tops quickly and with ease. The inbuilt magnet even captures the bottle top for you. Take it to a party and watch everyone's eyes light up with amazement as you open bottle after bottle. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

BottleMate is manufactured in Japan and is the original patented product. Beware of cheap immitations.